7 Effects Of Coffee That Causes Acne You Should Know

Good food and drink absolutely needed for everyone. When we were a kid, we never bother what we consume. However, when the age starts growing into a mature, we start to find what kind of food or drink that is good for us, to make our lives healthier.

One of the favorite drink in the world is coffee. We already know that coffee consists of caffeine. Caffeine without a doubt has a few advantages, however, without the steady stream of coffee, tea, and energy drinks, most by far of us can’t escape our pajamas.
It makes us aware of the wonders of nature; is this caffeine dependency really worth a few hours of increased alertness? Is caffeine a friend or an enemy for acne sufferers? I would say that if you depend on it. So we should investigate why caffeine can cause acne.

1. Coffee contains mycotoxins


For those of you who are the coffee maniac, please be aware of this. Mycotoxins are a bi-product of the mold that grow on cheap coffee beans and other crops before harvesting and during storage. These types of toxins are usually found in low-quality coffee plants that grow in low-lying, humid, hot climates and eat them can do a number of things to your system.

Mycotoxin can cause :

  1. Mycotoxins can disrupt your immune system, prevent proper and rapid immune responses to invaders (including acne bacteria).
  2. Mycotoxins can act like estrogen in the body – anything that disrupts sex hormone levels tends to aggravate acne.
  3. Mycotoxins can cause cancer (not related to acne, but still bums!).

2. Caffeine disrupts the intestine


Having a good intestine health can make your health better, including your skin. Consuming caffeine in the form of coffee causes the digestive tract to become more acidic. Dysbiosis impairs your body’s ability to produce B vitamins and its ability to absorb nutrients. It can cause defects, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, and of course acne! You can help curb this by taking excellent probiotics, but you should avoid drinking coffee too soon before or after drinking it.

3. Coffee can impair with the absorption of minerals from food


Having low zinc levels is mainly related with having more acne prone skin. Lack of zinc, selenium, or iron, probably because you often drink coffee regularly. Try drinking coffee as far as possible if you can. One case study says that coffee consumed by eating or within an hour before or after eating impaired iron absorption by 72%.

4. Caffeine makes you easier craving something sweet


Coffee increases the stress hormone, which stimulates cravings of sweet, dense, and salty snacks, high in carbohydrates, which is a recipe for acne.

When you drink coffee every day, it’s much harder to say “no” to these cravings, and you end up eating more junk food than you should. The big problem is that the junk foods; chips, cakes, sweets, candies, pastries, etc. They really trigger acne in a bad way. They are essentially entirely made of different combinations of the top four acne triggers; milk, gluten, sugar, and vegetable oils. Avoiding coffee entirely is the best way to let your appetite regulate itself naturally. You will find it much easier to avoid the problem of acne-causing foods by avoiding coffee.

5. Acne can be caused from sugar and milk in coffee


Sweet and sugary coffee drinks are acne bombs. Avoid by all means!

Coffee drinks often contain milk and sugar. In fact, it’s hard enough to leave Starbucks without a giant milky brewing, with 8 ounces of low-fat milk, pasteurized, conventionally raised (the worst kind for acne), lots of sugar, and poor quality coffee with 300mg + caffeine.

So why are milk and sugar bad for acne?

Well, simply, milk is probably the number 1 worst thing you can eat for acne, and sugar is up there, raising your blood sugar, increasing inflammation, redness, swelling of acne, making your skin an oversupply of oil, suppressing your immune system , and damage your skin cells through glycation.

6. Caffeine impairs your metabolism and can cause insulin resistance


Insulin makes you produce excess oil, excess skin cells and make your entire system more inflamed. One study even showed that healthy men who drink coffee have increased their insulin resistance by up to 40% after they ate foods with high glycemic content (high sugar foods). This means that they have high blood sugar levels for long periods of time, which are not good for the body. This is just the result of a study done on this subject, and there are many that prove the same.

Talking about insulin, drinking coffee also makes you resistant to hormones, making it harder for your body to break down carbohydrates to digest them properly. This is because insulin is what your body uses to equalize the sugar in your body, and carbohydrates are sugar. When you produce too much insulin, your body becomes resistant to it. If your body is resistant to insulin, you can no longer digest sugar effectively, which comes in the form of carbohydrates. Now, if you eat a low-carb diet, this is not a big deal for you. But the average person consumes a fair amount of carbohydrates every day, including bread, pasta, potatoes, and more. For those who eat these foods, coffee triggers insulin resistance which, in turn, makes acne worse.

7. Coffee makes your body’s response higher


Do you ever feel awake after drinking coffee?

When caffeine enters the body, it makes higher levels of androgens (male sex hormones) in the blood and causes the adrenals to overreact if you are a true coffee connoisseur. Androgens cause our bodies to experience stress, which is directly related to increased production of excess skin cells and clogged pores, and the release of stress hormones cortisol.

Cortisol can instantly trigger a large amount of oil to be produced on the skin. As more and more of these oils accumulate, germs and bacteria multiply in clogged pores that cause white blood cells to become infected. The inflammation is acne. One research says that a man who drinks coffee while under stress really has a 211% higher cortisol level than the individuals who are not in a similar condition. This happens because caffeine makes you hyperactive.

Some other disadvantages to weaken your adrenal include:

• Insomnia or restless sleep
• Dehydrated skin that causes dead skin cells to build and clog pores
• Inhibits the body’s ability to release toxic buildup
• Slow kidney function
• Contribute to constipation due to decreased water intake
• May cause adrenal burns from time to time

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